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The 7 Day Fruit Diet

Quick-Loss - The 7 Days Fruit Fast by Cambridge Onoh

If you are looking to get rid of your Xmas binge weight gain in the quickest possible time ever then try The 7 Days Fruit Fast, designed to enable you achieve maximum weight loss in just one week! In fact, some people, especially those with a lot of weight to lose, have lost as much as 1 Stone on this diet in the space of a week!

It is strict and rigid and you must adhere strictly to the rules for successful weight loss. This diet acts as a detoxification fruit fast. I know it is called a Fruit-fast but you won’t really be starving because you will be eating tons of fruits throughout. And even if you have to fast, so what? It’s no big deal.

People have been fasting from the beginning of the universe. According to the Bible, Jesus fasted for forty days and survived. The Blessed one Buddha and the prophet Mohammed, both equally undertook lengthy fasts and lived to tell the story. Political prisoners go on hunger strikes and survive. People, including little children in war-torn, flood and quake-ridden, famine-stricken countries, equally go without food for weeks.

I’m telling you all these to let you know that you can do your 7 days Fruit-fast successfully, if you programme your mind to success. Call it your contribution to the fight against world poverty and starvation, whatever! But today is Monday morning and you are about to start this all-fruit diet, which will take you to the end of Sunday evening. So, here goes!

(1) Firstly, go to the Fruiterers/Greengrocers and buy as much fruits as you can afford. Buy grapes, pear, water-melons, apples, plums, kiwi, oranges, blackberries, blueberries and strawberries. Note that no bananas, avocado pears, mangoes and dried fruits are mentioned. This is because they can’t be eaten in the first week of your diet under any circumstances. These are heavy-duty fruits that take as long as one hour to digest and will simply clutter your system and mess up your diet. We want loads of water-based fruits in this first week. Buy some canned fruits in natural juice for variety if you are desperate. Make sure you avoid canned fruits in syrup.

(2) Get four bowls and fill up each one with a variety of fruits. Place the first on the side table near your favourite chair in the sitting room, another by your bedside, a third on the study/home office table if you have one, and the last, right in front of the fridge door to ensure you do not open that fridge to snack, without first getting past that fruit-bowl obstacle. Think with military precision - strategy! Strategy! Strategy! Remember, this is a war on the terror of obesity, so we can’t take any chances. This first week of your diet will be the toughest one ever, as you will be at war with your will power all the way. So you’ve got to be ready and prepared in every way possible. Make things easier for yourself by not having any other food item in the house that might mess up your diet. Just stock up on fruits alone, so that when you feel peckish, you will have no other option but to peck on fruits.

(3) Now wait for Monday morning and weigh yourself after your wee, in your birthday suit. Record your weight in your log-book, put away your scales and then start pigging out on your fruits. You do not have to count calories or do any such boring stuff. These water-based fruits can be eaten in unlimited quantities and still do no damage to your weight, in fact, the reverse. So eat as much as you like. Just listen to your stomach to tell you when it’s had enough.

(4) Have a ready supply of natural mineral water, which you can flavour with fresh lemon juice. For the next seven days, eat and drink these to your hearts content. Don’t stint yourself on the quantity you can have. Don’t time yourself to eat at any specific time. Just annihilate those fruits and let your body do the rest.

(5) Finally, make sure you take your daily supplements with lots of water, as these supplements will help suppress your appetite, replenish lost nutrients and basically speed up the rate at which your body burns calories and loses weight. So it is vital that you always take your supplements for the success of your Fast-diets. A note of warning, do not take any tea, coffee, alcohol or pop, nor engage in any exercise or heavy manual labour when doing this 7 days Fruit fast. Doing these, will build up those toxins we are trying to get rid of, as well as make you ill. Now you know the rules for The 7 Days Fruit Fast, stick to them rigidly, prove that you really mean business this time and watch the weight drop off at an incredible rate!

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About the Author

Cambridge is a Law Graduate of University of Warwick, United Kingdom and a published author. Her latest book "Quickloss - Secret Weapons of Fat Destruction" provides an indepth study of the most effective fast diets, guaranteed to burn the greatest fat in the quickest time possible.

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